• Mandy Brower

Another blog post about Products & Millennials

Insert eye roll here. blah blah blah. Millenials are this and that blah blah blah. Welp, that was a quick post.

For real though, undervalued millennials have been hit over and over again about living a different way than generations before them. Wonder why... the world is different. This group of adults (yes I am calling Millennials adults) value the products they are buying more than ever. Research is done, care is taken and products that are purchased should be more than just products. They have to be quality, they have to have a purpose and they have to do more than make the company money. Social responsibility is important. Why do we care about Millennials at The Dashery? Because some of us are millennials and we get it. Work ethic? got it. Visionary? yep, got it. Flair for fun? hell yeah, check, check check.

When our team of Baby Boomers to Generation Z'ers are looking for products we are looking for that special extra. For instance we brought in Mission Belts last year and still to this day it is the top selling product in our store. With an innovative design, great warranty and having a portion of the sales fund micro loans in 3rd world countries, this belt checks all the boxes for what we're looking for. Versatility in the design make more style options possible. Mission Belt first made it HUGE on Shark Tank and still remains one of the top items ever featured. This belt fits up to a 54" waist.

Another product we just ordered at market last week is Secrid Wallets. Very cool product, design and function. Secrid was cool as heck right off the bat but when I found out they employ adults with disabilities I fell in love even more. I knew immediately we wanted to do business with them. They met all the check boxes:

1) Design- smart, sensible and looks cool and prevents cards from bending & breaking.

2) Purpose- there is an actual need for these. The RFID/NFC protection to keep them damn scammers from activating, scanning and reading your card info while its in your wallet. Yes its a thing.

3) Social Responsibility- Secrid hires adults with disabilities to assemble the wallets and card protectors after they are produced. On top of it they created a way to produce these wallets in a cleaner and more efficient way than Holland has ever seen. Just one way to support doing good on a global scale.

Finally, this fall you will see a new line of outerwear in Alexandria, MN. Save the Duck is a vegan brand that has a synthetic technology that mimics down. This technology is so cutting edge that the only other licensee for the down replacement fill is Tesla. Yep, the brand is that cool. For all of our save the animal customers, we salute you and have responded. We are proud to serve Savetheduckers at The Dashery. Save the Duck puffer vests, jackets and coats will land this fall. See what we did there?


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