• Mandy Brower

Forget Returning your Prom Tux this Year.

Updated: Mar 5, 2019

Seriously. Forgetaboutit. Why not buy a suit for nearly the same price as renting a Tuxedo? NO BRAINER right? Here is why it's the way to go:

1) You can wear the pants again for any other events, weddings funerals, interviews etc.

2) You don't have to remember to return the dang tux after prom.

3) You can wear the entire suit again and again and again- like at next years prom. Just swap out your shirt, tie and vest and it will be a whole new look.

4) No one has worn it before you. It is brand spankin new.

5) You can tailor your suit to fit you exactly how you want it.

6) You can get your suit way before the week of prom when the tuxedos come in. Then you can make fun of your friends when they are trying to figure out how to get from their double header to pick up and do their fitting. You are on easy street.

7) Mom's love it. Their boy in their first suit. What they love even more is they don't have to shell out more cash for next years rental (Sorry Seniors, we wish we were here last year too)

With suit options in classic fit and slim fit we can fit anyone. Did you know we also sell Tuxedos? For the same price as a suit you can class it up even more and own your tuxedo. I know, it's nuts. We even have in stock suit options up to size 66 (6X) and can order in larger if needed. Colors? Well how many shades of grey and blue are you looking for? Maybe a Burgundy suit or tuxedo is more your style...yep, we got both.

Stop into the store before April 15th and mention the $50 off Prom Suit Special to save $50 off your suit. If buying just isn't for you then we have tuxedo and suit rental options anywhere from $99-$199. We are the only location in Alexandria that specializes in menswear and suit & tuxedo fittings. Let the professionals fit you this year and look your absolute best at Prom 2019!


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