• Mandy Brower


Why are your arms longer than any of your friends? Or why are your shoulders so big that every freaking thing you wear off the rack is so tight and by the time you fit your shoulders the waist is like a sail? What if you are the other way around- the shoulders fit great but the buttons on your waist area are screaming? That's why custom could be the perfect option for you.

Don't freak out by the word "custom". It's not as expensive as you may think, although we can certainly up the price if it makes you feel better. Custom suits or made to measure suits and dress shirts, pants, vests etc exist because 80% of the world does not fit in off the rack without a good tailor. Don't get me wrong, our in store tailor is great but when a guy has arms that are needing some extra tailoring help, they may not be able to keep the entire part of the cuff that they want.

With our in store custom program we can offer full 3 piece suits and tuxedoes as well as individual pieces at a price that often ends up landing lower than purchasing off the rack and having the tailor customize it to what you want. We first select your fabric. We have options in poly-wool blends through high end Italian fabrics to meet almost any budget.

We then select which fit you would like: classic, modern or slim and select lapel style, button & thread colors, liner pattern and a $^&@ ton more. You don't have to do it alone though, we help guide you with questions that help us understand your lifestyle and level of comfort desired to create the absolute perfect suit, tuxedo, pant or vest. After we get your measurements we then get your custom items rocking and finished in as little as 3 weeks. We even save your measurements so when you want a new pair of pants or an additional new suit or 3 we can just select the swatch for you and you are free to go have a beer or tequila shot with all the extra time you now have. We make it easy for a reason. Now the only think left is to come in and choose what you love. With 2 piece suits starting at $675 the perfect fitting suit is just a few weeks away from wearing.

We are located in Downtown Alexandria MN at 509 Broadway Street. Check us out online at thedasherymen.com and sign up for our email list.


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